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The Role of Blue-Green Water Engineering in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Water Engineering for Sustainable Development: A Holistic, Multidisciplinary Approach

Engineering is a critical element of sustainable development, and water engineering in particular underpins and impacts almost every aspect of our policy, financial, physical, social, and environmental solutions. As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are implemented, water infrastructures, technologies, and innovations at all levels will be critical. It is estimated that over the period 2015-2030, most countries will need to allocate 1-2% of their GDP to water infrastructure.

Blue-Green Water Engineering: A Holistic, Multidisciplinary Approach

In addressing today’s challenges, water engineering is truly blue-green, i.e. it addresses water problems in a holistic way and is a multidisciplinary endeavor, understanding and responding to environmental and societal needs, with deference for human rights, leverages critical grey infrastructure, sustains economic growth, includes nature-based solutions and makes the most of ecosystem services.

SDG6 Accelerators: A Pathway to Sustainable Water Management

Blue-green water engineering is a significant component of the five SDG6 accelerators that are required to bring nations back on track by i) bringing innovation to reality, ii) generating and using information and data for positive water outcomes; iii) increasing capacity development; iv) mobilizing and utilizing financing for the most effective multi-purpose outcomes; and v) providing options and adhering to good governance.

Mobilizing Relevant Stakeholders: Collaboration for Positive Water Outcomes

The purpose of this blog is to mobilize relevant stakeholders and catalyze contributions to the Action Agenda by exploring ways to facilitate and expand the communication and collaboration between engineers and others working on water issues, but also those beyond the water sector, such as the food, energy, human health and social services sectors, and those who are actively working to defend and promote human rights and environmental justice.

Synergizing Knowledge and Building on Successful Models

Everyone who seeks to explore opportunities to synergize and utilize knowledge across agencies, foundations, industry, academia, and NGOs - building on models that are demonstrating success, can reach out to me! Blue-green water engineering is a multidisciplinary and holistic approach that can make significant contributions to sustainable development, and it is our collective responsibility to leverage the full potential of this approach to address today’s pressing water challenges.

I am dedicated to promoting and facilitating this collaboration, and invite everyone to reach out to and explore opportunities to work together. You can write me on or.

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